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Shipping/Delivery Policy

Sellers agree to care for and protect your new puppy prior to leaving their home.  All puppies will come with a written Health Guarantee and be up to date with all age appropriate vaccines and worming.
Puppy Buyer agrees to use one of the following options for bringing their new Corgi Puppy home.

Buyer agrees to drive to the breeder’s home to pick up their new family member. 
If Buyer is unable to Pick their puppy up in person, Buyer agrees to pay for the cost of a pet transporter to safely drive their puppy from Breeders home to their home.
Here at Crescent City Corgis, we work closely with several very good caregivers who safely delivery many of our puppies to families all over the United States.  We would be happy to help you book your puppy's travel using one of these caregivers.  This process may take a few days to a couple weeks depending on the caregivers prior schedule.
The other option you have is to be able and willing to travel to get your puppy and fly them home in the airplane cabin with you or use a “puppy Flight Nanny Service” to bring your puppy home.
Flight Nanny's are often a great choice!  This option may only take a few days from start to finish.
There are also many companies on FaceBook who can help deliver a puppy to you.
There are many Companies who help find the best fit for you and your puppy.  You may want to get quotes from Citizenshipper when deciding on the best option for you and your new puppy! Buyer assumes all risks of injury should anything happen to the puppy once the puppy has left our care. 
We recommend you personally speak to whomever your choose to deliver your puppy so you can be provided with your deliverers Safety policies. 
You can find great information by going to:


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